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                                                              BDSc FICOI


Dr. Alex Fibishenko attained his primary dental qualifications from the University of Melbourne in 1995 with accolades in Oral Surgery and Prosthodontics, he pursued further education in oral implants early in his career with some of the most well-known names in implant research and education and was greatly influenced by his personal audience with late Prof. PI Branemark. In 2002 Dr Fibishenko’s practice became uniquely exclusive to Oral Implantology and Reconstructive Dento-Facial Surgery. He has worked for many years in a surgical capacity with dentists and specialists throughout Australia, and has become one of today’s most respected implant surgeons, innovators, and educators, and a key opinion leader.

Dr Fibishenko is visiting lecturer at NYU College of Dentistry Linhart CDE Program, an honorary professor at various universities, and a frequently invited speaker internationally on advanced surgical concepts in dental implants and tissue augmentation. Dubbed as one the ‘fathers of All-On-4’ he is credited with many procedural improvements and innovations and the introduction of the ‘Plus’ factor, which was a significant for specialist acceptance and rise in popularity of All-On-4 and Zygoma implants.

Dr Fibishenko helped change the dogma and the way many dentists and specialists think of total implant rehabilitation today, ultimately to patients’ benefit, who enjoy a streamlined process and predictable results. Despite his busy educational commitments, Dr Fibishenko places in excess of 1,000 standard fixtures and over 100 Zygoma implants per year, along with hundreds of sinus grafts, tissue reconstruction and numerous other advanced surgical procedures, with a remarkedly high success rate.

Dr Fibishenko facilitated the establishment and/or growth of some of the world’s busiest implant practices and has numerous affiliations with his global counterparts. Dr. Fibishenko is founder of All-On-4 Clinic, a unique franchise-type model for training and implementation of All-On-4 procedures within regular implant practices, which has with numerous facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand. He regularly runs International Clinical Residencies for dentists and specialists at his purpose-built training center in Melbourne.

Definitive Management of the Terminal and Pre-terminal Dentition


The terminal dentition presents challenges but also opportunities in the treatment planning for dental implants. The treatment approach depends on numerous factors ranging from the aetiology to anatomical considerations to patient expectations and cost. Ultimately, we need to decide whether to work with nature aiming to preserve or enhance the natural gingival choreography, versus recreating nature by establishing gingival aesthetics in the design of the prosthesis using Aesthetic Gum Replacement. The latter is certainly more predictable in terms of long term aesthetics, but requires more extensive surgery to create adequate restorative space.  With this in mind, All-On-4 Plus and Zygoma Plus treatments offer improved contingency and risk management, whilst addressing our patients’ common desires for immediate function, aesthetics, comfort, simplified hygiene, and durability.  The ‘Plus’ factor also involves fitting an immediate restoration that is final, thus helping us overcome issues related to provisional restorations or the denture-conversion method during the most critical period of healing and osseointegration.

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