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D.D.S, M.D.S. 


Dr. Hsuan Chen is a lecturer and primary research consultant at CEREC Asia Training Center. Influenced by his engineering background, Hsuan has conducted more than a dozen research projects at CEREC Asia pertaining to topics including intra-oral scanning accuracy, material mechanics, material optics, and dental education. These results are clinically applied at Sweet Space Dental Clinic, where Dr. Chen is also a full-time clinician who specializes in anterior aesthetics with CEREC restorations.


At National Yang Ming University, Dr. Chen is also a Ph.D candidate and conducts a semester of lectures on CAD/CAM dentistry. He is the main editor on CEREC Digest, a blog-format website that caters to digital dentistry enthusiasts. Throughout his time giving speeches and lectures at various universities and institutions, Dr. Chen has consistently advocated one common theme: technology rewards some but replaces others. His hope is that through mutual learning and sharing of knowledge, we can all be rewarded.

Digital Esthetics: Biomimetic Smile Rehabilitation

In prosthodontics, there is a common misconception that speed necessitates a sacrifice of quality or aesthetics. Everyday in real life we witness countless examples where the efficacy of digital technology transforms what was once impossible into the practical. At CEREC Asia, we strive for treatments that are both faster and better. In this presentation, Dr. Chen will focus on clinical cases that showcase how we can harness the power of digital technology to replace conventional restorative protocols.

Learning Objectives:


- four key elements of biomimetic anterior cadcam restoration

- post processing procedures for esthetic monolithic restorations

- material selection for minimally invasive veneers

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