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Dr. Xu is a professor of orthodontics at the Peking University School of Stomatology and an adjunct professor of Case Western Reserve University. He works part time at Chinese Stomatological Association as an associate secretary-general and executive director of scientific program in local organizing committee for FDI 2020. He is WFO councilor, AAO member and EOS member. He has published more than 150 papers in Chinese and International orthodontic Journals. He is an associate chief editor of Chinese Journal of Orthodontics, also serves on OCR and EJO editorial board and AJODO editorial review board. His research interests focus on 4D orthodontics and the investigation of clinical orthodontic outcomes. He emphasizes the effects of physiologic characteristics of dentition and craniofacial growth on orthodontic treatment and lectures on physiologic anchorage control nationally and internationally.

Best Mechanics for Severe Crowding Correction

Learning Objectives:

- How will molar move after extraction of premolars if no orthodontic appliance?

- How will canine move after extraction of premolars if no appliance?

- How to preserve extraction space with simple mechanics?

- How to move canine into extraction space without elastics?

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