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'WDF 2010' - MACAU

Thanks to the support of our international partners and sponsors, as well as doctors from Hong Kong and Macau, the first ever World Dental Forum had been a great hit. The event was intended to bring top Dentists, Manufacturers, Professors and Opinion Leaders from all corners of the globe to one place; and to that aim we have succeeded.

That evening the unofficial WDF after-party took place at the V-Bar and light drizzles greeted us the next morning. Fortunately, and unfortunately, tee off was delayed as one of our buses got caught up in a traffic incident. Meanwhile, the weather cleared up nicely allowing our players to compete in the 1st World Dental Forum Golf Tournament at the Olazabal Course, Mission Hills Golf Club.
Over 200 participants worldwide took part in the two day forum at Grand Hyatt Macau (13-14 Oct 2010). The event was brought literally to a jumping start by our CEO, Godfrey S.K. Ngai, Prof. Lakshman Samaranayake, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and Christoph Weiss, Managing Director of BEGO.

At the end of the day, we gathered at the Dong-GuanClub house for dinner and prize presentation. Florentine Wouters from the Netherlands was the Champion with net score of 69 (after handicap) and the longest drive award goes to Dr Kevin Wu from the United States hitting over260 yards.
Highlight of the day was our poolside buffet dinner. After a long day at the lectures, participants enjoyed a wide select of dishes, fresh oysters, barbeque lobsters and most importantly, lots of wine. Dinner officially ended at9:30pm but some of us continued at the bar until late.

WDF 2010 climaxed with a lecture by Dr. Paul Child Jr. from the Clinicians Report on techniques that came and gone in the past and his thoughts on where dentistry may be heading in the future. Time is short while you are enjoying and after a brief closing ceremony, our international delegates headed to Shenzhen for a tour of our laboratory and for the WDF Golf Tournament.

After the WDF, our international delegates visited Modern Dental Laboratory’s production facility in Shenzhen. With 3,000 employees,6 buildings and 160,000 sq ft of production space, Modern Dental Laboratory is the largest dental laboratory in the world.

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