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Another successful event

The World Dental Forum 2012 was held on June 2 & 3 in conjunction with Hong Kong University to celebrate the Pearl Jubilee (30th anniversary) of the Faculty of Dentistry. 570 people registered in the 2-day conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and over 200 of them were overseas delegates from United States, France, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.

The 2-day conference on June 2 & 3 featured a variety of topics for different audiences, from endodontics to operative dentistry, from implant dentistry to prosthodontics, and to the latest technology in digital workflow. Speakers from around the world shared their experiences and expertise.

The gala dinner was held on the first night of the conference, with close to 400 attendees. Everyone had a great time enjoying the delicious meal and the entertainment performed by various guests.

Prior to the 2-day conference, Modern Dental Lab hosted 2 plant tours for our overseas delegates. The first tour was held on Thursday, May 31st, and the second tour was held on Friday, June 1st. A total of 130 people visited our Shenzhen facilities, most of which are first-timers to our lab.

“I am very impressed with the scale of the lab. I won’t believe until I see it with my eyes!”, one of the doctors said.
“We are now very confident using your products, knowing that all the materials Modern uses are CE marked and FDA approved”, commented another doctor.

To many overseas delegates, this plant tour was an eye opener.The feedback from the customers has been very positive.
Many doctors took photographs everywhere they go. “I will go back and show these pictures to my colleagues, and tell them how much they have missed”.

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